Blue Devil News!

It's a Royal Year at Upper! We are One Team! One Goal! With No Limits!

Thanks for making our first day of school ROYAL!

Students of the Month

3rd Grade:
Christopher Carroll
Taylorann Dugas
Julian Maggiore
Macie Cruse
Jessica Powell
Carson Lord
Conner Buras
Parker Hart
Dakota Simmons
Braden Blanchard
Corey Johnson
Jaden Penton

4th Grade:
Noah Combas
Jayci Robertson
Anna Young
Shiv Patel
Mia Galloway
Parker Harper
Aubrie Riordan
Kimberly Lopez
Ayden Westbrook
Randy Ledet
Jordan Cash

5th Grade:
Stinnet Burge
Nathan Terminie
Ashly Pope
Chance Rollins
Zoey Rojas
Jasmine Bullock
Timoth Deal
Bryce Bernius
Makenzie Hepler
Ellalyse Ricco

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a safe learning community that is committed to demonstrating growth and academic excellence while engaging and challenging every student, in every classroom, every day.

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