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Superstar News!

Science Fair Winners 2017!
Physics:  Jacob Tuminello (1st), Kaye Daniels (3rd)
Chemistry:  Jonathan Schwaner (1st), Parker Johnson (2nd), Parker Hart (3rd)
Behavioral & Social:  Annelise Alonzo (1st), Mia Berger (2nd)
Earth, Space, and Environmental:  Kolbi Thornhill (1st); Anayah Beck (2nd); Madison Mitchell (3rd)
Kindergarten:  Adelyn Thornhill (2nd); Savannah Neal (1st) Jesse Tuminillo HM, Gabby Akridge HM
Zoology:  Kadan Rome (1st), Carson Krieger (2nd), Faith Beech (3rd)
Physics:  Leigha Trahan (1st), Sadie Reine (2nd), Nathan Terminie (3rd), Austin Anderson HM
Medicine & Health:  Bonney Duggan (1st), Emma Dunhurst (2nd), Andy McCoy (3rd), Amelia Ceccato HM, Lara Nicholson HM
Microbiology:  Brianna Genuise (1st), Trey White (2nd), Araelya Newton (3rd)
Engineering, Computers, & Math
Baylee Devore (1st), Samuel Tumminello (2nd), Cross Johnson (3rd), Matthew Michele HM
Grant Malcom HM, Alyssa Genuise HM
Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences:  Joey Duchman (1st), Ben Naquin (2nd), Sahil Ajmera (3rd) , Lillian Barrott HM
Chemistry:  Skylea Martone (1st), Samantha Wilkinson (2nd), Kyler King (3rd), Emma Wilkinson HM, Kennedy Clavo HM, Owen Werner HM
Botany:  Jazmin Robertson HM, Addison Scheeler (3rd), Carly Mataya HM, Sienna Smith (1st)
Behavioral & Social Sciences:  Jess Benton (1st), Trent Mattern (2nd) , Ty Burge (3rd), Jenna Seal HM
Biochemistry:  Jaron Bourgeois, Laird Walker (3rd), Kayleigh Dean (2nd)

Students of the Month

3rd Grade
Everett Cooksey
Brody Ladner
Jenna Barrett
Lexie Burge
Jacelynn Geier
Paul Kellar
Wesley Russell
Zak Kennedy
Trenton Thornhill
Brooks Craft
4th Grade
Trey White
Shelbie Facaine
Baileigh Jordan
Madison Bordelon
Isabella Bailey
Laikyn Graham
Marshall Walker
Savannah Elender
Daniel Huck
Brooklyn Wilson
5th Grade
Elizabeth Saunders
Dailee Stevens
Emma Wilkinson
Gracelyn Westbrook
Daniel Landrum
Cross Johnson
Tanner Tate
Kaitlyn Nguyen
Jaiyah Robinson
Robby Belknap
Shawn Moseley

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a safe learning community that is committed to demonstrating growth and academic excellence while engaging and challenging every student, in every classroom, every day.

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